Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just us girls

Dan has been gone for the past few days on his yearly golf outing up north! So, its been just us girls watching movies and eating pizza. I am a little sick of the Little Mermaid but its been fun. Today we played outside a lot which was great for my allergies!! Ahhh!! It was worth it too see the girls having so much fun. Sometimes I think this is how I should get their yearly pictures done because this is who they are, what they do. Messy and busy and outside-always with popsicles! Aubs can down 3 in the amount of time it takes Ellie to eat one!!

Ellie was running around with her imaginary babies tonight when I took her picture. Since camping with a bunch of pregnant girls and 2 small babies shes been telling me about her own babies. She tells me that she takes them to target, to the park, to bampas house (grandpa). Sometimes they are even in her tummy. Its kind of cute, I love how their little minds work!!! When I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she tells me she wants to work in the office at GDK, shes going to have 6 kids and marry Max Meiste. She does not want a mini van but a purple car thats big.

Aubrey has been saying "bob" a lot and I could not figure it out...until today. Bob is her pacifier??!! I dont know why or where that came from but Ellie and I think its funny. Shes pretty attached to that thing with teething, trying to take BOB away in the future could be tricky!! Happy Labor Day to you all!!

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