Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Flower girl who wasnt!

I officially have another great sister!! Jason and Kristie got married even with out a flower girl!! She just wasn't going to do it, she was absolutely terrified. It was hard to even get pictures with her earlier in the day. Its so weird because normally shes pretty outgoing. She loved being in the dress and having her hair all done up but that was pretty much it. We really wanted her to go to the reception so people could see what she looked like, but Dan and I decided it was best to let her just go to Grandpa and Grandma M&Ms house. She wouldn't have made it. So, here are some of the pictures, the one I really wanted on here is on Leonas camera. It was Ellie on the way home, she was asleep in the car. It was soooo cute!!

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