Sunday, September 21, 2008


Dan and I took the girls out to Cranes today. Last year I thought we did quite a bit of walking around and carrying heavy apples with us. It was fun, but hot and the apples are heavy!! So this year we parked, went pretty much down the row in front of us, picked a full bag and that was that. Its so busy there! We were a little bummed that there were no teeny pumpkins. Ellie like to say teeny! :) They were washed out with the large amounts of rain, shoot!! I am sure somebody will have them.

Aubrey loved to eat the apples, she gnawed on one while we were there and the whole way home! Thank goodness so many teeth are in! She smelled like apple juice all day. Ellie just makes it her goal in life to irritate her. Its getting old really fast. Dan feels for Aubrey because he says he remembers his brother picking on him like that when they were little. I thought that was kind of funny! I am sure this too shall pass but for now, its just annoying for us and Aubrey!! Happy Monday to you all!


Anonymous said...

walmart has teeny pumpkins - all the way in the back of the store by the toys

Jen said...

We were there on Saturday! What a great weekend to visit Crane's. I think any time is a great time to go there...yum! Cute background on the blog too. Say hi to Ellie from Mya!