Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, one night my husband and I looked up because I have heard of other friends doing it. Its supposed to cut your grocery bill in half. Dan signed us up for it to try. I quickly decided it wasn't something I wanted to do because it was going to take way to much time, work and thought and frankly I am pretty lazy. I will get the deals in the middle isle at Meijers and call it good. So anyway, my good dooby husband has been clipping coupons and getting them all organized each week. He likes to get groceries late because no one is around and this whole process takes some time. Last night he left at 9:30 and was back at 12:00am!!! It took him that long!! (fyi, I will go get groceries, but for some reason I kind of stink at it. I forget everything and dont buy anything he wants so now he usually goes. Its easier for him with out the kids too) Needless to say we have a lot of groceries and he did save about $100.00, hes doing really good. Go Dan!!

Tonight for supper I decided to try something new. I get that free Kraft magazine. I think you just go to if you want one too, its so great. I made the Bruschetta chicken bake and I loved it. Dan just said "I really like it when you make chicken lasagna" Oh my word, he could have that every night. Boring, I like to try new stuff!! It was easy and pretty darn flavorful I thought! If anyone has good recipes to share feel free to pass them along!

Oh, for all you book lovers out there. The civic center in Holland is having there big used book sale this Saturday and maybe Friday too. I am excited!!


Sarah V said...

Try - its free!!!
We did Savingsangel for awhile and then I found and it is very similar. Check it out!

Stacy Eding said...

Hey Val-
I love the Kraft magazine, too! We'll have to get Allison and Dan together for meals...she would eat chicken lasagna every night, too! :-)
Stacy Eding

Kim said...

Hey Val, I too, use and love it. I am not a die hard b/c of the time too. I always check out the meijer and target one before I leave the house.