Tuesday, September 30, 2008

flowers and crafts

Hey all,

First thank you for all the comments, emails and calls!! I love you all so much and appreciate my family and friends more than you will ever know. These are the flowers dan came home with for me and a card that was from him and the girls. Hes a great husband and dad!! He knows me well! I am not a huge (store bought)flower person but I love road side stands or flowers he just picks on his way home from work!! These are beautiful!!

Okay, my other topic of discussion is crafts. I am on the MOPS craft team this year at Ridge Point! Its fun but can be tough finding a craft in budget, in the right time frame and yada yada. So, last time we did these tile memo boards. You can hang them on the fridge and write down groceries or appt. Cute right??! Well, coming up we are hoping to do a night light. It sounded so easy but I dont know. I love the idea but can't find night lights with shades anywhere! I picked up 4 at a dollar store and thats all I can find. Everywhere else they are super expensive. So...if any of you go shopping and see these please call me or email!!! I would greatly appreciate it! This is the one I made today to try out.


Anonymous said...

Dan is so sweet, those are really nice flowers. Good luck with your crafts, you know I am of no help what so ever. Ask Heidi she is the closest person to Martha that I know!!

Amanda said...

How sweet! What a testimony you have to share, and so great that you do! By the way your crafts look so good!