Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blahhh, a cold already???!!

I LOVE fall but dont always like what seems to come with it....COLDS!! I have a doosy already thanks to my dear husband who had it first. I have gone through two boxes of kleenex and a roll of toilet paper since Saturday. I am just praying that the girls do not get it and that its better by thursday when I have MOPS. Okay, so there was the pity party for myself!

Because of the large amounts of rain and my cold this weekend I got a puzzle done. I am going to make a great old women someday as long as the good Lord keeps my sight good and no arthritis in my hands. I love to crosstitch, knit, read, crosswords, puzzles, eat those windmill cookies....geesh, I am going to rock it in a nursing home!! ha ha!! Alright, I better go do some of the stacks of laundry I have...I so slack at that!!! Have a great day blog readers!!!


Stephanie said...

Can I be your room mate at the old folks home??? How fun would that be???

Anonymous said...

Please let Dan know that I say thanks for the cold too!! If I weren't at work I would just sit at home with kleenex up my nose all day! That is the amount that it is running, hope you feel better soon sista. Love Angie