Monday, September 8, 2008


K, I think I got it figured out!! Hopefully it stays this way so I dont have to re-figure it out!!

Ellie had her 3 year check up today and is healthy. She loved being there, how wierd. Now of course, she says she wants to be a doctor. Yesturday was a teacher and the day before that a cop. That little imagination is amazing!!! I am thankful for her and her health!!!


cara said...

Hi Val,

It's weird that you emailed me today. I was actually on your blog earlier today. I found it through Katie Lubber's blog...sorry for the blog stalking LOL.

Anyway I usually set my Christmas Deadline at Dec 1 BUT this year with Thanksgiving being so close to the end of November and me being gone the week before Thanksgiving to Guatemala, my Christmas Deadline will be Saturday Nov 22.

Let me know if you have any other questions. You can email me directly at

Cara's Creations

Tami said...

How did you get your middle part to disappear? I am trying to fix mine and can't figure it out!