Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh my Aubrey!!

Kiss, Kiss!!
Cleaning toilet paper for me!

Aubs is growing so fast. She is really trying to talk, shes learning her body parts like eyes, nose, ears etc. Today she had two grasshopper cookies and this is what she looked like...such a mess.

She is also into throwing whatever she can in the toilet and playing in it. This morning it was a care bear, the other day was a monkey. I know what you're thinking "Val, shut the darn lid" well, I do shes just getting smart. Yesturday, I had a garbage bag full of pop cans and she was running around the house shaking it and Ellie was following behind laughing so hard. Shes just so goofy, yet shes a huge cuddle bug!!! Just thought I would share how she is doing and how much I enjoy being her mommy! Everyday is such an adventure!!!


Stephanie said...

I too enjoy your little cuddle bug... don't give her a nap and drop her off anytime!!! I was eating that up!

Anonymous said...

I love being her auntie. She is so cute and a great time to play with. I love the Elle belle too of course!!

The VanderZwaag's said...

Morgan loves playing in the toliet too!! Yes, I keep the lid shut too!!! They do make locks that I have thought about getting but I think this time will pass soon??

thebrouwers said...

that is great! poor care bear in the toilet!

thebrouwers said...

I definately am not that crafty, it's our "room with a view" it's a wall mural I got online:)