Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rainy Day, Random Thoughts

Happy rainy day!! I know its kind of yucky, but we sure were in need!!! Okay so here are a few things, first thank you all for voting for us on Repcolites web sight. We didnt win the Wii but we did come in third so thats still kind of cool. Dont talk to my sister Angie about it because she doesnt feel the same. Sorry Ang, it will be okay!!

The other thing I wanted to mention was I'm just getting done reading a book called Cold Tangerines. I normally dont read these kind, I like stories, but decided to because the author (Shauna Neiquist) is coming to speak at our MOPS group this year. (which by the way, I have registration forms if any of you mommys want one!!) Anyway, I started reading it and got really hooked. Its just stories of her life and how God is involved. She thinks so much like I do, and maybe thats why I so enjoy it. It was just refreshing to hear that she worries just like I do, her anxietys, her joys are just like what I think but dont have the gift of wording it!! Its just a good read if you're looking for something new.

I think thats all I had to share with you all for now, have a blessed day!


Stephanie said...

Oh, I might need a registration form... every other Thursday right? At Ridgepoint? More info please... Can I bring Lily?

Anonymous said...

I am better now. I was a little bitter but that passed and now I am just thankful that they recognized how awesome our picture was!! Love ang

Jen said...

Bummer Angie didn't win the Wii...I voted a bunch for you! I wanted to play it too :(